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Chartered cruises

What could be more unique than chartering a cruise for your business and group receptions?


Enjoy the Erdre’s magic during your business events

Introduce your guests to the magic of the Erdre and its majestic châteaux as you enjoy a cruise. From lunches to dinners and even standing receptions, Bateaux Nantais can host any type of event.

4 restaurant boats that can host groups:

  • 2 boats with capacity for 100 people
  • 2 boats with capacity for 200 people

Choose a unique setting for your private booking

Charter one or more restaurant boats for your conference, business convention or end of year party and host a gala evening or dinner with elegant, sophisticated catering. Impress your French and international delegates, clients and employees by taking them to explore Nantes and its architectural and natural heritage in this unique setting.

Need to organise an event during a trade show or conference? Transfer your special clients by boat from Cité des Congrès or Exponantes to luxury reception venues (Château de la Poterie, etc.) and continue your gala reception with a cocktail party or dinner on site.

Choice of departure points:

  • Bateaux Nantais embarkation point
  • Cité des Congrès
  • Château de la Poterie
  • Exponantes
  • Île de Versailles

For international visitors, commentary available in English, Spanish, Italian and German


Bespoke cruises!

Select the duration, dining format (seated or standing meal), ambiance and entertainment during your cruise!

Bateaux Nantais can provide a wide range of entertainment options to delight your clients and employees. Your chartered boat can be fully customised to suit your style in terms of menu, entertainment, decoration and more. Give your guests an unforgettable evening!

Choose a social theme!

Looking for themed evening ideas?

Tapas cruise, sushi finger food and more. We can offer a wide range of options to delight your guests. Entertainment to complement the theme can also be arranged.

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